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International Work on Pope Radio on

 LIVE 365

Here at Pope Radio we love to expand our audience and music. Here you will find international work with Pope Radio.

Joseph James ( Gospel Advocate )

Meet Joseph James stage name: Gospel Advocate from Nigeria. 

He is the Community Relations Director for Pope Radio International.

He is an electrical engineer by profession, a Christian by decision, and by passion, I am an evangelist, pastor, writer, speaker, spoken word poet, songwriter, singer, gospel hip-hop artist, founder Gospel hip-hop Naija, and the assistant senior pastor Evergreen Church International located in Nigeria.

Joseph James' stage name Gospel Advocate started ministry at an early young age. Immediately after he left high school because of his passion for ministry and the call of God upon his life he attended Trinity Bible College, where he was trained as a pastor before going back to college to graduate as an electrical engineer.

Joseph James' stage name Gospel Advocate is passionate about God and ministry. He became part of the team of an evangelist who organized and carried out several gospel crusades and campaigns in villages, towns, and cities in the northern part of Nigeria which is highly populated by Muslims. Like apostle Paul, he and his team risked their lives preaching the gospel to every nooks and cranny.

He has discovered a lot of talents and has had two gospel albums: DO THAT PRAISE and GOD'S G.O.A.L and a number of songs to his credit.


Jeremiah Godswill Testimony (Teewhy De-psalmist)

Jeremiah Godswill Testimony popularly known as Teewhy De-Psalmist hails from Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria. Jeremiah Godswill is the community relations Co-director for pope radio international.

 Jeremiah Godswill Called to lead people to God’s presence through praise and worship, he started singing at a very tender age and has grown to be a renowned lead worshipper.

He is currently serving God at The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, House Of Praise Area headquartered in Itamarun Ijebu Imushin, Nigeria under the spiritual mentorship of Pastor Joseph Oluwasusi, but travels around the nation to minister Jesus through worship, testifying of His mighty works and declaring His rulership over the world.

Teewhy De-Psalmist is vested with the anointing to bring down the presence of God in a very heavy dimension via worship and this is the reason behind the heavy manifestation and demonstrations of God’s power, deliverance, miracles, signs, and wonders that is attributed to his ministry.

According to Teewhy De-Psalmist, LION OF JUDAH is not just a song but a weapon of warfare. It is like a two-edged sword, while you are releasing heavy worship to the Almighty, on one hand, you are at the same time releasing judgment on the wicked on the other hand. God will use this piece to work wonders in the life of His children.