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Sponsor your Business 

For a Dollar a day

 If you're going to advertise, it makes sense to spend your advertising money where you get the most results....Radio! Advertising with an effective way to reach a broad national urban market. 

With a target audience of mature adult listeners, that consist of working women and professional men ages 25-59, engages thousands weekly and millions on a monthly basis of internet radio listeners across the county and around the world, and events filled with loyal followers throughout the year. 

We offer marketing solutions that include: 

*Website Sponsorship

*Event Sponsorship

*Commercial Sponsorship

Sponsorship Inquires, please contact: 

[email protected] or call 678. 347.0721

*Silver Sponsorship 3 Months 

*Gold  Sponsorship 6 Months

*Platinum Sponsorship 12 Months